About Vivi

Born in Norway


· Art Therapy Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway 2015-2016

· Student of Georgi Kostadinov (Gekos) 2014-2018



· Pop up Ringerike, Hønefoss, Norway 2017

· Solo Exhibition, Dalype Gallery, Oslo, Norway 2017

· Pop up Sundvolden, Buskerud, Norway 2018

· Body Mind Spirit Festival, Oslo, Norway 2018

· Solo Exhibition Rjukan Huset, Exhibition, Rjukan, Norway 2019

· Pop up Sundvolden, Buskerud, Norway 2019

· Body Mind Spirit festival, Oslo, Norway 2019

· Solo Exhibition, Det Øde Galleri og Skaperi, Hole, Norway 2020

· Solo Exhibition, Kreativ Sommerfestival, Bergen, Norway 2020

Awards and Prizes

· Dante Alighieri International Art prize 2021

· Ambassador of Art International Prize 2021

· Featured in Art Universal the great Encyclopedia of international art 2021  



Vivi Connors is born in Norway. She lives and paints in Oslo, Norway.

After she experienced a mysterious event in 2012 her painting process started. Vivi's Art circles around themes of inner strength, human existence, spiritual connections and a heightened awareness of mystery. Vivi paints with oil on canvas with the occasional use acrylic paint. She has studied Art Therapy at the Oslo Metropolitan University and is a previous student of Georgi Kostadinov.